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Woman behind the clothing brand


”I hate handwork, I can not even sew straight” said 14-year old girl from Tampere.


Something else happened. Against all “laws” I started studying clothing business in vocational school when I was 16 years old. I don’t still know how that happened. I found my vocation.


I started my sewer career already when studying in school. During first years I made evening and wedding dresses in guidance of my mentor. At the same time there was a struggle inside my head, what do I want from future and my profession. Wedding and evening dresses were not satisfying my passion to clothing. Before I started designing and making my ConQuer Me-collection, I tried making working clothes. Somehow that did not feel right.


I started dreaming of my own collection of skiing clothes when my friend asked me to design and make skiing coat and trousers from friezefabric. All started from that one request. What would be more nice than to combine beloved downhill skiing hobby and work. More than seven years has gone and I’m still on that road.


Now I want to create something more and less. I will cherish materials more and create something even better!